Our Vision

Our vision is to apply our combined 50 years of experience in PR and Marketing to servicing clients all over the world.

In this digital age, one can be anywhere on the planet and still do business. Smart devices make it possible to stay in touch and get the job done.

The purpose is to provide a service that enhances the goals of your business – what does the owner want to achieve? Once we’ve discussed and defined those goals, we decide on the correct marketing tools.

Shaleen Wohrnitz and BrandBuildingSA were featured in Careers Mag. You can see the article here: Careers Mag Link:

Feedback from one of our clients: “Wow, you are a phenomenal woman! Keep doing the good work for your country, our country! I love the work you are doing for the communities at large. How I wish I could meet you for coffee, so we can talk about about how to continue doing the good work for [South Africa]. Your article is amazing, I’m inspired to save the world through understanding the importance of taking care of our women and children, like Madiba said:”It looks impossible until it’s done.” God bless you.” 


My Team

We service businesses across Africa and North America. With communication and online facilities available today, we can take care of our clients virtually anywhere in the world.

Our Technical team is dedicated and creative, designing modern, mobile-responsive and secure websites. We encourage our clients to participate in the creation process, so that we give them what they want. The result: an impressive, digital website that we and the client are happy and satisfied with.

Business owners want to Build their Brands. Having a smart, professional online presence is vital, as that is the image you portray to the world. Do they like what they see? Can they trust it? Will they buy? 

We take care to advise our clients on the best course of action for the type of business they have. It’s pointless to pour money into an ad campaign on the wrong platform. So, we ensure that the actions you take are the most beneficial for your business

What sets us apart?
We respond to emails, finish the job and we don’t quit even if the going gets tough!!

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Our Mission is to design websites and online marketing campaigns that align with your business goals. We ensure superb service and a professional product. We utilize all the tools at our disposal:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • New Website Design
  • Upgrade of existing Websites
  • Branding and Re-Branding

Building a Brand consists of many actions. It’s a combination of factors that are aligned to create maximum effect for the business. BrandBuildingSA finds the right combination so that your business thrives.

Your presence online is like having a shopfront and attracting people to your shop. People get to know you and your product and they support you based on your service, image, reputation and delivery.

Too many businesses fail in their first 2 years of existence. A vast number of businesses do not survive 10 years. And a tiny percentage last for 50 to 100 years. In fact the norm is to hear about companies closing down or going bankrupt. We don’t hear much about businesses that make it and survive for decades.

We take on clients with the intention of helping them do better, and outlast the competition.

Delivering what we promise is important to us.

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