Apps are in Demand 

I had mentioned Apps in a meeting recently, and afterwards was asked by one of the attendees to explain what an App is.
I usually try to ensure that I am not rattling off new or unusual words that others might not fully know, so proceeded to explain.

The word app is a noun, and it’s short for “application.” Application in this case refers to a software application — in other words, an app is a software programme.

But an app is not just any old software programme — it’s a special type of software program.
For most of us, it’s sufficient to think of an app this way: an app is a software programme that you use online or on mobile devices.

Apps often have a specific narrow use, such as a “shopping app” for your smartphone. But that’s not always the case. Some are very broad and perform a lot of tasks. However, they all share one thing in common: They are all a piece of software that you use.

The demand for App development has been on the rise in South Africa. Yet one of the most prohibitive aspects is the cost of App design.

Over the last few months, BrandBuildingSA has created an App Design service, which is professional, excellent quality and cost-effective.

If you’ve been thinking about an App or have an idea at the back of your mind that might materialise as a great business idea, send me an email with some information. I will get back to you with guidelines and estimates on costing. You might be pleasantly surprised!